The Fitsum Bahru Memorial Foundation (FBMF) expanded its reach through a new partnership with Hope Enterprises in Ethiopia, sponsoring young trainees selected to participate in their vocational training programs. Working with HOPE's administrators, the Foundation previously sponsored thirty trainees, with proven financial need, participating in HOPE's two-year Technical Vocational Education and Training programs in Dessie and Gambella. In 2021 Hope restructured it's programs into a fast-track, 6-month training program. As a result, FBMF was able to increase its sponsorship to a total of one-hundred and twenty trainees for 2022-2023. The training programs include a wide range of tracks including electronic communication and multimedia maintenance, building electrical installation, basic metal works,  kitchen operation and food preparation, apparel production and tailoring.

December 2018: FBMF representatives meet with Hope Enterprise administrators to sign MOU.