In 2016, the Fitsum Bahru Memorial Foundation signed bilateral agreements with Addis Ababa University and Wollo University, both in Ethiopia, to award scholarships to students who excel academically; show exemplary leadership, drive and integrity; and prove dire financial need. Starting with eighteen students in 2016, the Foundation now serves over a hundred students (annually) studying at Addis Ababa University's College of Natural and Computational Sciences or Wollo University's College of Informatics.


In 2018, the Fitsum Bahru Memorial Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hope Enterprises in Ethiopia to sponsor young trainees participating in their vocational training program. HOPE provides an all encompassing program and encourages entrepreneurship by training students in skill as well as offering a robust curriculum that includes education in personal finance, self care, negotiation and relationship building, to ensure success upon graduation. HOPE offers job placement to its graduates, of which there are thousands-- many of whom have been known to create businesses for themselves and over time expanding to employ others. Originally, FBMF provided need-based sponsorship for thirty deserving young men and women participating in Hope's two-year Technical Education and Vocational Training programs in Addis Ababa, Dessie and Gambella. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Hope has restructured and implemented an intense 6-month vocational training program. FBMF is proud to sponsor 120 vocational trainees annually, training in Addis Ababa, Dessie and Gambella.