The Fitsum Bahru Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created as a long-lasting and meaningful legacy in memory of Fitsum Bahru. Established in 2016, the Foundation raises money to provide financial assistance to university students, and vocational trainees, in Ethiopia. The Foundation’s Board of Directors, working directly with local faculty and administrators, identify scholarship beneficiaries based on both academic excellence and demonstrated financial need. With the generous support of its donors, the Foundation currently provides financial assistance to ninety students attending Addis Ababa University and Wollo University, and continues to work towards increasing its support each academic year. As of 2018, the Foundation has expanded its work through a partnership with Hope Enterprises -- a nonprofit organization based in Ethiopia. Through this new partnership the Foundation is providing additional scholarships to thirty students studying at various campuses throughout Ethiopia, and is sponsoring the full cost for one hundred and ten young participants in Hope's vocational training programs.

Please visit our "Support Us" section to find out how to become a sustaining donor through membership, or to make a one-time contribution to help further the mission of the Fitsum Bahru Memorial Foundation. Together we make a difference!